Wednesday, 20 August 2014

River Fest activities

Lots of fun activities planned for River Fest this weekend. Something for everyone of all ages. If you like street music, they have it. If you like watching people fish then you can do that at river fest. So come on down to Foxford and enjoy the event.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Foxford Brass and Reed Band 1927

A group photography of the Foxford Brass and Reed band from 1927. In the front row going from right to left is Jim Ryan, John Fallon, unknown, Jim Durcan, Andy Fallon and another unknown member. Also in the middle row we have Willie Higgins, Pat Higgins Pat Kneafsey, Peter Cafferty and Pat Stephens. Then lastly in the back row is Paddy Browne, Tom Durcan, James Murray, Garrett Thornton, Jimmy Reddington, Peter Browne and Tom Ryan,

John Ward, John Moyock and Pat Brogan 1940

 John Ward, John Moyock (reading the newspaper) and Pat Brogan outside the local bank of Ireland on lower main street in 1940. All three men where members of the Foxford Brass and Reed band.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Brass band practice

The first brass band practice in 14 years for the Foxford brass and reed band took place last night. and they didn't miss a note.

RiverFest Bird show

On Sunday the 24th there will be having two shows by a fabulous company called Savage. Savage is an  Irish falcon company and here are the bird that will be flying at riverfest.