Friday, 5 July 2013

Foxford Loop Walks

Foxford Trails


There are six walking routes one can take in the foxford area. Ranging  from easy to difficult. Each one takes you around the some pretty scenic spots. All the loop walks also have their own colour arrow to keep you on the right path. Good walking boots, a warm coat, a bottle of water and your mobile phone are required for all the walks. To download yourself a map to use go to

The loop walk are called:

·         The Foxford Way Loop (Hard) (yellow arrows)

·         The Larganmore Loop (Hard) (purple arrows)

·         The Prebaun Loop (Hard) (purple arrows)

·         The Callow Loop (Moderate) (blue arrows)

·         Shanwar Belgallow Loop (Hard) (red arrows)

·         The Foxford Town Loop (Easy) (green arrows)

Callow Loop

The callow loop is 6.5km and starts and finishes at the callow lakes. This walk should take about two and half hour if it’s taking longer than this you may have accidently gone on the foxford way walk and need to backtrack. But if you follow the trail way making that shouldn’t happen. As Loop walk has its own colour system. But have a map with you just in case.

Foxford Way Loop
The Foxford Way Loop is the most challenging of the walks available. Being 33km long, to complete it, you have to walk through sections of all the other walk trails to finish it. The foxford way takes about 7-8 hours to complete. So good walking boots, a mobile phone, bottle water and lunch will be needed for this trail.
Shanwar Belgarrow Loop

The Shanwar Belgarrow Loop walk takes you a long bog tracks and hillside with great view of both Nepin and the Ox mountains. At 8km this walk will take about two and half hours to complete.

Foxford Town Loop

The easiest of the six loop walks. Only 4km and this walk take you along the river and through country roads within the hour.

Larganmore Loop

The larganmore loop walk takes in the western slopes of the Ox mountains. This 14km mountain walk should take around four and a half hour. But may take longer as you will want to stop and take in the lovely views of the local landscape. There has been noted of people seeing wild goats in this area.

Prebaum loop

This 10km loop walk goes through Country lanes, bog tracks and hillsides. This walk will clock in at about three and a half hours

 here a map of all the walks in the foxford area