Sunday, 14 July 2013

Find a Grave

For anyone hoping to track down old family graves. This link will take you to a website that document some of the old graves at Craggagh Cemetery Foxford. There not all listed here, but it should still be helpful to get an idea on where to start looking.

If anyone really interesting in coming down to our little gathering.
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River Moy ice flow

In honour of the lovely weather we have been enjoying this past week. Let’s remember when it was really really really cold. 

During the week just before Christmas back in 2010, the west of Ireland experienced record low temperatures. With foxford reaching the lowest at -17.5. The result was both the river Moy and the two lakes Lough Cullin and Lough Conn freezing over. When the ice starting to melt, it’s was quite the sight.

Don’t worry the duck was fine