Friday, 2 August 2013

Mike and Jimmy Tiernan

Mike and Jimmy Tiernan with an American Visitor.

The Pontoon Ballroom

Community Games Foxford

Winners of the Foxford Community Games finals.
Front Row: John Micheal Cosgrove, Nigel Thornton, Christopher McGuane and Cathal McGreal.

Back Row:  Dervilla Barrett, Sinead Gannon, Elaine Ryder and Vanessa Barrett.


A group of local men celebrating the winning of the county minor title back in 1946
In the Photo is Willie Thornton, Mickie Foy, Fr Feeley, Robert Hardy, John Flynn, Micheal Deacy and Jimmy Jones. Seating in front of them is Martin Burke and Jimmy Durcan.
In this photo is Eddie Barrett, Hugh McTigue, Robert Hardy, John Flynn and Micheal Deacy

Rush hour in Foxford

Noel Roache

Noel Roache with Horse walking by Guiry's bar